Cinco Sentidos | Torrontés

Sight Its lemon yellow color with green hues is attractive to your sight. Extremely brilliant.
Smell An expressive aroma, with notes of citric fruits, limes and flowers invites to you to discover it.
Taste You confirm fruit notes with an end of elegant mouth feel, persistent and perfectly balanced.
Touch Feel the wines dancing in your mouth. Its luscious body and creamy texture will give you pleasure throughout the long finish.
Hearing Caress the glass where you’re your wine is singing. Listen to it also singing in your throat, in the voices
around you, and un the frank and mischievous laughter of friends.

Location: Cafayate – SALTA
Harvest year: 2005
Wineyard Altitude: 1500 mts
Soil: Sandy loam of alluvial origin with presence of clay
Production: 160 qq/Ha

Alcohol: 13,5 %
Residual sugar: 1,38 grs/lt.
pH: 3,5